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Rock Karma Promotions Presents…Metal X-mas 2011 Toy’s for Tot’s show @ KC’s Tap 12/09/2011


Rock Karma Promotions Presents…Metal X-mas 2011 Toy’s for Tot’s show @ KC’s Tap 12/09/2011

Rock Karma Promotions held their annual Toy’s For Tot’s Metal X-mas show at KC’s tap in Pawtucket, RI on Dec 9th. The Metal X-mas show is always one of the best of the year and this one lived up to all expectations. The can’t miss lineup for the night was made up of all heavy hitters, Clever Titles (Have Parentheses), Widow Sunday, Hope Before The Fall,The Summoned, Murdoc & Shred Of Salvation. Good music, great friends, drinks, raffles, awesome Christmas sweaters and 2 huge boxes of collected toys made the night a success. There was also a bad ass metal Christmas tree!! \m/

Opening up the show was our friends in Clever Titles (Have Parentheses) out of  Medford, Ma. We missed a bit of the set, but still caught enough to get some pics and few killer videos!

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Widow Sunday hit the stage and opened up their set with their rendition of the Christmas classic ‘Carol of the Bells’ which blended into their new song ‘The Wave’. We have to say, Widow Sunday hit bass drops so low and loud that we think they cracked the foundation at KC’s during their set! Holy shit, our insides are still vibrating!!

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Hope Before The Fall fibbed to us again about taking time off to record some new material. We can’t get mad though because A: they’re awesome and B: it was for a good cause. Rumor has it they will be making one more appearance on Jan 6th with Thy Will Be Done and others at The Met.

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Up next was experimental Death Metal band The Summoned out of Boston, MA. who played their set in virtual darkness highlighted by some green LED’s and green lightboxes. This made for some interesting pics and we are happy to report the videos came out great with the new camera!

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Up and coming local superstars Murdoc were next, tearing up the stage with a couple new songs off of their upcoming EP which will be released in the early part of 2012. Keep an eye out for this release as we have heard a sneak preview and can truly say it is going to be epic!

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Shred Of Salvation closed out the night in style with a killer set that went off despite some technical difficulties. It seems that their kick drum was damaged in a mosh “incident” during Murdocs set!

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