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Ken’s Top 11 Favorite Videos of 2013


Hey All!

Happy New Year

I know this is a few days late, but the website was a bit buggered up. I finally got it almost all sorted out. Everything is working except the archive page for older photos. I hope to have that up and running eventually.

Today I am posting a quick list of my top 11 favorite videos MusicInPictures.net shot in 2013. It’s a top 11 list because that’s what I ended up with and I couldn’t decide which one to cut.

We didn’t shoot a ton of video this year, only 105 total, mostly due to not having enough time, but also because the video camera is dying.

My criteria for picking the top 11 is image & sound quality first and foremost. There were a couple videos I loved, but the sound quality wasn’t up to par or there was too much crowd noise etc…so they didn’t make the cut. This is followed by stage presence, whether or not I really like the song or I thought that this particular live performance kicked ass in general. This is not a list of my favorite bands, it is just a look back at the songs that come to mind when I think back on the shows we seen in 2013.

You’ll also notice most of the videos are from The Met & Simons 677 , as those were the two venues we got the best lighting and sound from this past year.

I’m hoping to be able to do this again for 2014, but we will have to figure out the camera situation first. So have a look & listen to some of my favorite performances captured on tape during the last year.

All videos were shot by Lisa with the exception of # 8, which was shot by me.


11: Echoes Of Petra, These Tired Arms @ The Met, 6/22/2013

The band Echoes Of Petra has really come into their own since their debut in Feb of 2012 . This video of These Tired Arms shot at the Met in June is a perfect example of how comfortable the band has become on stage with each other.

10: Held Hostage, Waiting Room (Fugazi Cover) @ Cat’s 12/21/2012.

I know this is a 2013 list, but this show didn’t make it to the site in time to be considered for the 2012 list. Waiting Room is one of my favorite Fugazi songs and Held Hostage did it right justice in this video.

9: Rope @ Simon’s 677 2/16/2013

I’m not sure of the name of this song (help me out guys!), but it’s a staple of every Rope show I have seen. It is a perfect example of the gritty in your face Rope style and that’s why it is my #9 video.

8: Alma Mala, Time @ Simon’s 677 3/16/2013

Our old pals Al & Nick from Kanerko played around a little bit earlier this year as an acoustic duo called Alma Mala. We caught one of their shows during an acoustic showcase at Simon’s in March. I shot this with my little camera, but I still think it came out great.

7: The River Neva, Suicide Note Part 2 (Pantera Cover) @ Simon’s 677 2/16/2013

This is the 2nd of 2 covers that made my list this year. The River Neva is one of those bands that is so tight, they could cover anything and make it epic. This cover of Pantera’s Suicide Note Part 2 is a perfect example of that.

6: Train Of Thought, Truth Hurts @ Simon’s 677 3/29/2013

Our boys in TOT didn’t play out much in 2012, but they came back stronger than ever with this rendition of their song Truth Hurts at Simon’s in March.

5: A Truth Divides, Dim The Lights @ Simon’s 677 3/29/2013

I had major misconceptions about the band A Truth Divides, so needless to say I was duly impressed when I saw them for the first time at Simon’s this past March. This song has so much emotion and power that I had to include it in my top 10.

4: Dog Day Afternoon, Check Your Pulse @ The Met 6/22/2013

I’m a big blues & bluesy rock fan, so it’s no surprise that Dog Day Afternoon would make it into my top 11. This song, Check Your Pulse, features some amazing guitar work by Victor Foley.

3: Devil’s Feedback, October Skies @ The Met, 1/19/2013

Devil’s Feedback opened up their set at Freakfest 2 in January with the song October Skies, by having vocalist Justin Sane dragged onto stage in a straight jacket, the song also featured a girl dancing with lighted hula hoops. This made for a pretty cool video of a great song in my opinion!

2: Mechanical Process, Clocktowers @ The Met, 1/19/2013

My top 11 list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the band we spent the most time with this year. The guys in Mechanical Process have been among our biggest supporters since the beginning and we in turn have seen this band grow into one of the tightest, yet one of the so woefully under-appreciated bands on the scene today. We have a few videos from their CD release show in October that feature the current lineup, but I really didn’t like the audio quality we got that night. So on that note, here is the opening song from their Freakfest 2 set in January @ The Met.

1: Pistol Shot Gypsy, Chemical Inspiration @ The Met, 6/22/2013

I had a hard time deciding which song to use for my #1, but I knew it was going to be PSG from their CD release show in June at The Met. The lighting, sound, & performance were spot on. In fact I would say it was the best performance of any local band I had seen in all of 2013 from start to finish. I really could have picked any song from the set, but in the end I narrowed my choices down to Chemical Inspiration or Bruise Pattern. I decided to go with Chemical Inspiration for a couple of reasons. It’s a new song, it was the encore and it’s just such a powerful song!

Well, that’s it for 2013, hopefully we will be able to do this again next year. I’d also like to give a shout out to our friends at Rock Karma Promotions for all their support and also to all the awesome club owners, Simon Sarkisian (Simon’s 677), Kevin & Cat Cummings (KC’s Tap/ Cat’s), Chad McNeil (McNeils Tavern), the fine folks at The Met, & Dan Donovan for his contributions. Also props to all the bartenders, bouncers, sound guys and most of all the fans who come out to shows and make our little scene in Rhode Island as vibrant as it is.

If you are bored and want to check out more of our videos of all the killer local bands we shot, take a wander over to our YouTube page.